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James Hull (Apologies, I Have None)

February 7, 2016

In episode 5 Chris, Darren, and Quinn are joined by James Hull, guitarist in Leagues Apart and bassist in Apologies, I Have None.

The gang discuss the upcoming tours from NOFXJeff Rosenstock and Great Cynics, and Chelsea, as well as the Petrol Girls EP Launch and the news that Owl Sanctuary in Norwich has found a new venue.


New releases from Catch Fire (The Distance I Am from You) and Basement (Promise Everything) are reviewed.


James talks about playing in Leagues Apart and Apologies, I Have None and juggling playing music and working full time.


Off the back of Beach Slang's disappointing show at the Camden Barfly, the guys discuss what bands owe their audiences.  Do you deserve the show you want or the show the band choices to perform?


And finally 'Is Youtube killing the UK's live music scene?'.  Quinn tears apart the recent article from the BBC which questions whether Youtube stars shooting to fame and jumping straight to arena shows is the cause for small capacity venues closing across the UK.  Everyone has a chat about the state of live music in general and how difficult it can be to make from from playing music live, with reference to The Guardian's recent article with Slow Club 'Long, hard road to rock 'n' roll success: "we're essentially skint"'

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